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Hazel’s life is all going according to plan. The problem is, she is not sure it’s HER plan. When her best friend and roommate Jenny ends up in the hospital, she begs Hazel to cover for her escorting a horse to a new ranch to stud. Hazel knows nothing about being a vet or country living.

HISTORICAL:  Nicolette Carpenter is about to lose her family’s hotel. The bank is going to foreclose in a few days, and with only a single room let, Nicolette is running out of options — until a handsome lawman arrives in town. Malachi is hunting an outlaw; he comes to the Good Comfort Hotel for a rare chance to sleep in a real bed while he searches for the criminal.

WWII war widow Sophie Wright has just moved back to Aspen Falls with her two children, Garth and Maggie. Almost immediately, her brother Keith introduces her to carpenter Leland Halverson in the hopes they’ll hit it off. Leland is shy and reserved and reluctant to pursue Sophie. He has a dark secret he feels would tear them apart, and he’s afraid to be hurt.

The Rood (The Marylanders Book 1)
Donna Hechler

HISTORICAL:  Thomas McQueen returns home after two years of executing vengeance on those who killed his wife and child. Expecting to find his family, he instead finds a young woman trying to bury her brother. After helping her, he decides he cannot leave her alone, and brings her along to Baltimore Town where his family has fled.

Amanda Jarvis has a successful career as a model. Yet, the day her childhood friend and long-time crush, Tyler, kisses her and leaves her before deploying as a Navy Seal, Amanda is crushed. Phoebe Garrison doesn’t want her only niece settling for a nobody like Tyler, when she could have someone like the protective billionaire Eric Bridwell.