A Homecoming to Cherish (Cherish Series Book 5)


Nora Lancaster grew up in Cherish but couldn’t wait to get out of that small town. She married a young boy and took off. Now years later she is back, divorced, a single mother with a rebellious daughter, to help at the inn her parents used to own. As she is volunteering at the inn, she meets Julian Wilson, a businessman who is in town to scope out a place for a chain restaurant. Nora and Julian enjoy each other’s company. But he is deeply religious, and she lost her faith long ago. As Julian and Nora’s friendship grows Nora must allow God to heal her heart if she will ever be able to allow herself to love again.

A sweet summer love story. Nora is a strong, stubborn woman with a teenage daughter who keeps her on her toes. The friendship between Nora and Julian that begins to blossom into love is tender and dear. Nora coming back to Cherish seemed forced because the innkeeper doesn’t want her there, and she has no connection to the inn besides an emotional connection. There is also no explanation about how Nora is making ends meet as she takes a summer off from her big city accounting job. The relationship between Nora and Julian progresses in a pleasing way, however, some of the other relationships feel rushed and incomplete leaving the reader frustrated and wishing for more. Despite its flaws, “A Homecoming to Cherish” is a delightful story filled with faith and scripture to lift the religious reader up and leave them smiling.

Cara Cieslak