His Last Hope


CHRISTIAN: A woman suffering from a head injury awakens in a hospital pregnant and with no memory of who she is, where she came from, nor the identity of the father of her unborn child. Since her identification was destroyed in a fiery car crash, she’s has no choice but to become a ward of the state. When her hospital roommate, a kindly, older, Christian woman named Ruby invites her to live with her, she jumps at the chance. The woman they call Hope goes home with Ruby to help care for her. When Ruby’s nephew Daniel arrives he’s immediately suspicious of his aunt’s house guest. Since being used by his first wife, he’s pulled away from the relationship he’d previously had with God. 


M.A. Malcolm has penned a truly unique, inspirational story about redemption, perseverance, and forgiveness . . . it’s a testimony that God does work his miracles in mysterious and wondrous ways! Three different pregnancies are key to the individual subplots, and the complex make-up of the characters will draw readers into their lives. It’s beautifully written, with only a slight instance of repetition to slow the otherwise quick and steady pacing of the story. Dialogue was crisp and extremely well written, and the storylines credible as well as inspiring. This is a truly marvelous read for anyone looking for sweet contemporary Christian romance!

Lori Leger