In His Eyes: A Civil War Romance

Stephenia H.

HISTORICAL:  During the Civil War Major Westley Remington fought many battles, but when he returns home on an extended medical leave he is faced with one he does not know how to fight.  Ella Whitaker despises soldiers of war — they have ransacked homes, been brutal in their treatment, and she has run for her life to avoid being their victim.  She rescues a baby when his mother dies giving birth to him. With no one to care for him or be his wet nurse she has no choice but to travel to Belmont Plantation, where the baby's mother had said she could find help. She poses as the widow of the owner when she arrives to make the soldiers leave. When Westley arrives the fight neither of them wants begins.

Westley and Ella are the richly developed main characters in this inspirational romance. Ella's character seems to develop more quickly as the reader is shown the many interactions with Sibby, the main help, and Basil.  Westley's character takes longer, in order to reflect the depth his character takes on being a southern boy fighting for the North.  The story drags a bit in some areas where author Stephenia H. McGee  provides some needed backstory, which then  launches the story forward. Throughout the book characters rely on their faith and God to get them through, which adds another layer of depth.  The plot takes some time to develop, ultimlately the author nicely ties all ends together, making for a rewarding, inspiring read. 

 Laura Dinsdale