Her Unlikely Homecoming (Home to Harmony Book 2)

Rachelle Paige

Zoey Wright left home over a decade ago, fleeing tragedy and heartbreak. When her career stalls, she makes a last-ditch effort to grab a promotion and ends up back in Harmony, Illinois, as a result. But in order to get this promotion, she must help the man who broke her heart in a special collaboration between their companies. She’s determined to be professional, launch Noah’s new clothing line, and get the job done. But Noah isn’t the same irresponsible guy she left behind, and Zoey isn’t the same girl Noah’s been dwelling on either. It may be time to stop running, but this time, it will take two to make the future worthwhile.

A sweet contemporary romance that would easily match the Hallmark vibe, “Her Unlikely Homecoming” mixes a second chance romance with some light Christian themes to make a charming if unfinished read. The story focuses on two major plot threads, the need to forgive and move on, and whether to allow love another chance. Both Zoey and Noah are dealing with a great deal of emotional trauma, some of which are only lightly touched on and not fully explored. As a lighter read, the story mostly concentrates on who they are in the present and weaves their progress together to get them back to the starting line by the end of this book, but as the second book in the series, neither this romance nor the one from the previous book are fully concluded. Instead, the reader is left with the warm feeling of progress and encouraged to get the next book to find out just where it will all go in the end.

Sarah E Bradley