Her Last First Kiss: Christian Cowboy Romance (Last Chance Ranch Romance Book 1)


Scarlett Adams left the professional and personal disillusionments of the city and traveled to her grandfather’s ranch in the California hills. It was a horse ranch originally, but Gramps has also taken in countless dogs, cats, goats, llamas, and other critters. Scarlett hopes to shed her big-city skin while cleaning out Gramps’ hoarding tendencies and establishing the ranch as an accredited sanctuary. But she needs helps, lots of help. Hudson Flannigan is a drifter just passing through. Yes, he knows horses, cars, and personal disappointments. He also knows Scarlett needs a man like him. He can fix the run-down cars for some cash her ranch needs. He can help with the horses or whatever critter she points him to. And he can get lost in her pretty eyes and forget what a big disappointment he is to his parents, brothers, and ex-wife.
The chemistry between Scarlett and Hudson builds quickly, but they are both gun shy, fearful of risking another romance that might just fail again. They resolve to simply rebuild Last Chance Ranch and ignore their own brokenness. Sometimes, however, resolutions get broken too.
This is a good start to the Last Chance Ranch series. Scarlett’s character has depth, Hudson’s is instantly likeable, and many readers will relate to Gramps. Some of the descriptions of the ranch and its inhabitants were vague, and Gramps’ hoarding, presented early on, didn’t mesh with his independence. The passage of time is sometimes unclear. And occasionally the pacing or dialogue dragged the story through the dust. However, Scarlett’s angst feels real and the journey is engaging as we follow this couple to their happy ending. Readers who enjoy 40-something heroes starting over, be sure to check out this exciting new series!
Emerson Matthews