Her Hometown Dream

Rachelle Paige

Amy Parker returns to her hometown after a ten-year stint away.  She discovers the mansion that has always been a deep tie to her family is up for sale and leaps at the chance to buy it. The mansion is largely the reason she studied historic home restoration. She approaches the lawyer handling the sale, only to be told the seller will not take an offer from her. Like a house of cards crumbling, her dream shatters. Jake Grant is the lawyer tasked with selling the mansion. He is also an old friend of Amy’s from grade school. And he blames her for the death of his best friend. Now that the ten-year anniversary is coming, he wants to start a non-profit organization to honor his friend’s memory. Except he needs Amy’s knowledge with non-profits.

Ms. Campbell has penned another sweet Christian novel with an appealing small-town setting and believable characters. There is a lot going on between the pages. We have old school friends Amy and Jake. She’s oblivious to his long-held anger at her and he’s in need of her professional services, just like she’s in need of his. If that’s not complicated enough, there is the mysterious reason why the owner of the mansion won’t sell to her. The story does carry many typos and grammar errors. Both main characters repetitively rehash their feelings, which affect the overall pacing. Lastly, there are times when scene believability is questionable. Still, “Her Hometown Dream” shines with the heroine’s faith and her strong character, the hero’s ultimate honor, and a small town that has a strong sense of community.

Emerson Matthews