Her Homegrown Christmas Wish

Rachelle Paige
Hannah Beacon is a single mother raising her daughter, Olivia, in the very town she grew up in. The only thing Olivia truly wants is a father. When Hannah’s estranged husband, Daniel, shows up in town, everyone thinks Olivia might be getting her wish. But Daniel has only returned to divorce Hannah and set her free. Once Daniel realizes that it isn’t only his wife he would be freeing but also the daughter he never knew he had, he decides he might need to stick around and make this marriage work. After five years, Daniel and Hannah don’t know each other and must reacquaint themselves. But his career is about to take off, and his Hollywood dreams might put a quick end to the family he didn’t know he had.
Hannah and Daniel both have a lot of hurt to overcome in order to trust their hearts to one another again. Despite their best intentions, neither one wants to be vulnerable. Olivia is adorable as she pulls the couple together, and shows them both how to love and how to trust. A tender Christmas romance begins to blossom as they fall in love again. It is a great story if the reader can get past the weak reasons behind the initial separation. Hannah leaving her husband while she is pregnant and never telling him is hard to believe in this Christian romance. The element of faith is woven into the story with bible study groups and many references to faith. This feel-good story is a fun holiday read brimming with wholesome humor and love.
Cara Cieslak