Henley (Love Train #2)

WESTERN: Henley Jones longs for a place to call home. Instead of roots, she’s spent her life traveling the world on riverboats and railroad cars with her gambling father - until one game to change his luck ends her father’s life and leaves Henley orphaned and nearly penniless. With few options, she agrees to become a mail order bride and marry a stranger across the country, hoping for a bit of luck. Doctor Evan Holt is in no rush to wed as his demanding practice in Holiday, Oregon, takes all his time. But the beautiful woman he meets on the train home begins to tug on his heart, and soon he finds himself questioning if their different lives might be worth a gamble.
A sweet romance set in the west, “Henley” is a mail order bride tale with a twist. The romance begins quickly, and half of the tale is spent during their train ride alone which gives a bit of depth to a story with minor conflict. Neither Henley nor Evan are shrinking violets, and actually complement one another very well. A standalone tale, the story does have a few nods to characters from the previous book, but most of the focus remains on the main characters. The conflict, such as it is, is mostly focused on the choices Henley’s father made and their impact on her. As a result, readers who enjoy a steady pace and light plot with smile inducing moments of humor should read this book!
Sarah E Bradley