Heir of Hope (Ironwood Plantation Family Saga #2)

Stephenia H.

“You’ve inherited a plantation.” These are not words Emily Burns ever expected to hear. After all, her parents died years ago, leaving her an orphan with no extended family that she knew of.

What does it matter, though? If she is, in fact, the owner, the sale of such an estate could open all sorts of new opportunities for her. She could finally take a break and begin the writing career she’s always dreamed of exploring. 

If only it were that simple. When Emily visits the estate, all-new emotions assault her best-laid plans, and she’s forced to examine a side of herself she never knew existed. With a mysterious diary, a handsome blue-eyed handyman, and a small town full of new warm-hearted friends, will she ever be able to go through with the sale?

“Heir of Hope” provides a poignant look into one’s faith and the power of family. With a full cast of endearing characters and a twisting tale of redemption, it provides a contented respite from the “same line, different verse.” It was difficult to connect with the main character, though. Her path of self-discovery flows well, but with so much focus placed on her trials, it was difficult to find character traits that made her . . . likable. Nevertheless, this unique story is a worthy read, inspiring hope, renewal, and the pricelessness of family—in all its forms.

Sofia St. Angeles