The Heart of the Fallen


FANTASY/METAPHYSICAL: Late at night, Katrina burdened by the troubles of the world mutters a brief outburst questioning why Lucifer continues to spread evil in the world. To her surprise, he answers. Guarded and guided by Celestial allies such as the Archangel Michael, Katrina finds herself on a journey to transcend her mortal self and send light to the darkness. Drowning in depression and plagued by confusion, Katrina is young woman seeking answers to the evil in the world and how she can affect change. Her efforts to understand the destiny of her soul, its power and the dance between shadows and light is fraught with emotional rollercoasters and struggles with spirituality.

Drawn from the author’s personal experiences, this story is not for every reader. The story is told in a mix of narrative and journal type format, with little details as to her appearance, age, or anything else based in reality.  Instead, it focuses on her spiritual journey that moves from astral projection travels to fantastical worlds to wandering outside in poor weather during her lowest depression points. Different religious beliefs are intertwined in the tale, including mentions of Karma, Gaia, and many Christian figures and practices. However, the presence of Christian figures such as Michael, Jesus, and Mary Magdelene in no way makes this a Christian tale, as the focus of Katrina’s journey is on portraying Lucifer as a sympathetic victim of the other angels’ actions and in saving him. The technical writing itself is well done, although the vocabulary and passage from poetry to narrative to dream states will not be a challenge for many readers. Overall, this is an interesting book that might appeal to those interested in all things meta-physical.

Sarah E Bradley