The Haunting of Josiah Kash


SUSPENSE: Josiah Kash, or Kash as his friends and family call him, has experienced a tragic accident that left him blind, and girlfriend-less. Released from the hospital, he stays at the old house atop Unger Hill, which legend says it’s haunted. As Kash recovers and is coming to terms with the possibility of his new blindness, he starts to hear things. Is someone in the house with him, playing tricks on the blind man? Or is it the ghosts of Unger Hill? Brenna has fallen on hard times. She lost her home and is now squatting in the same abandoned house until she can afford a new apartment. She knows she’s safe, that is until Kash shows up. Brenna is terrified that her secret will be known and has no place to go until she realizes that her new roommate is blind. Soon, Brenna and Kash start to fulfill a need each other is looking for, and as friendship and trust build, so does love. 

“The Haunting of Josiah Kash” is an intricately written tale that grips the attention of the person turning the pages from the very beginning. Dana Pratola’s writing is tight and enthralling, full of mystery and intrigue. Ms. Pratola expertly brings the reader along through feelings of loss, change, heartbreak, suspense, love, betrayal, and anger. This dynamic and well thought out story makes the reader feel like they are embroiled within the pages, loving with the characters and longing for more when the last page has been turned. Readers will find themselves losing sleep and picking up this book during every free moment they have. Absolutely delightful!

Heather Kroll