Gift of Faith: Gifts of Christmas Series, Book 3


HISTORICAL:  Marc Rawlings has only ever wanted to marry sweet Amy Madsen. Engaged in 1942, just as the country and the world go to war, Marc feels he needs to serve his country before he can marry Amy. Meanwhile, Amy works at her family’s bakery and waits for the day Marc returns. They share emotional letters to make the distance seem shorter. When tragic news arrives, Amy refuses to believe it is true.  She holds fast to her faith and the promise that Marc will return.  "Gift of Faith" is the third book in the ‘Gifts of Christmas’ series, an assortment of uplifting, wholesome historical romances featuring precious gifts given straight from the heart. 

Grab the tissues for this book! This tale starts in May 1942 and comes to an emotional conclusion in December 1942. It takes the reader on a ride of a beautiful love story, not just for Christmastime. Amy and Marc are adorable sweethearts. He is Pendleton, Oregon’s police officer, and she works in her parent’s bakery. They have such pure love that is wonderful to read. Then Marc goes off to war.  They share poignant letters, which effectively demonstrate the cause and effect of both sides of a war.  The antics of Marc’s mischievous twin brothers add some comic relief to the sad moments. The shared letters also show how faith, hope, and love hold a couple together. When bad news arrives on the home front, Amy needs every bit of all three of those to make it through. This is a fantastic WWII romance! 

Emerson Matthews