George Edwards awakens from what seems to be a dream in a beautiful - but very peculiar - place.  When Reginald Hutchins, DEI Level 32, introduces himself and begins his "Exit Interview", he is told that he is actually dead.  It comes as quite a shock to say the least!  Not only is he dead, but he has a fan club!  Unable to remember the events leading up to his death and unsure of just where he will end up, George faces his past and embraces his future....whatever that may be.


With a humorous and engaging start, the reader quickly sees just where this satirical story is going. It does drag slightly, though, as the humor winds down and becomes a more introspective look at death instead.  The author weaves in some zany characters (that anyone would want as their cheerleading squad) along with an inspirational look at how our good deeds outweigh the bad. George is an everyday guy that has his life taken too soon and it is easy to lend a sympathetic ear. Focusing primarily on him though, leaves the story somewhat dry.  Modern comparisons and an easy flowing writing style keep "George" mostly a light read, with some deeper themes and heavier content .  


Margaret Faria