Found In Flight (Baxter Homestead #2)


HISTORICAL:  Tilly Carver gathers the courage to seize the opportunity to run from her abusive father. Her attempt seems futile when mortal danger comes upon her in the form of a bear. She is rescued by an unlikely savior named Clayton Baxter. He takes her to his family's estate where his mother takes an immediate liking to her. Tilly finds herself in a dire circumstance when Clayton comes to her room with ill intentions. He is thwarted by his family, who has come to love her, and this leaves him determined to have her pay. In the darkness, there is the light of her friend Paul. When Paul is mysteriously attacked, again and again, it looks like she is not the only one who is left hoping their past will not catch up with them.

This book will take the reader on an exciting adventure in the untamed historical Wild West.  Tilly's character growth is like a flower bud coming into full bloom. There are parts of the story that will have the reader holding their breath in anticipation as the conflicts play out. The setting of the old west is well done, executed uniquely and refreshingly. The novel overall lacks depth; aspects of the plot could be more fleshed out. Clayton's brother Adam could have been more prominent in the story. The tome leaves the reader wanting. "Found in Flight" is a sweet story that will encourage one with strong messages of friendship and love.

Jessica Samuelsen