A Forbidden Union

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Anna has lived the life of a Shaker since her parents converted when she was a child.  Allowed very little contact with the opposite sex and expected to lead a simple life devoted to God, Anna tries very hard to follow the teachings her parents expect.  The problem is, she remembers life before, when her parents laughed, hugged and showed her and each other affection.  Now relegated to calling them only “sister” and “brother”,  Anna can’t help wondering what life with a man would be like beyond the strictures of the holy celibate life.  
Daniel is a wounded soldier, found barely alive by Anna and taken to her home to heal.  Although devoted to God, also, he is not a Shaker, and therefore cannot understand Anna’s reluctance to say his name or show any affection whatsoever.  He is immediately won over by her kind eyes and caring ways, though, and decides she is the only woman for him. The challenge is in getting her to realize there is more to love and life than endless responsibility.
Although only 62 pages long, this novella is packed with tidbits about the strict Shaker life and the challenges living it encompasses.  The characters are well drawn, although the short length does not allow for anything but precursory understanding.   One wishes the story would continue once Anna makes her decision.  Her choices set against her religion would make for very intriguing reading!  For inspirational enthusiasts who are looking for a quick read that informs as well as satisfies, however, this is a perfect choice!
TJ Mackay