Fly Home to Me (Flying in Love #2)


Piper Holland is stuck in a traffic jam when she spots a good Samaritan in a military uniform singlehandedly pushing a stalled vehicle out of the way. When she tries reward the Samaritan, however, she finds herself with her money back and a date with the handsome pilot instead. After the magazine Piper works for decides to feature local heroes, she knows Captain Gabriel Orsini would be a perfect fit. Yet, the more time they spend together the more Piper finds herself torn between love and the fear of abandonment that has plagued her since tragedy struck her family. Risking her heart on a fighter pilot with a transient and an unfamiliar lifestyle is overwhelming, but with love and her future on the line, she will either gain or lose everything.

“Fly Home to Me” is a love story that will speak to the heart of Military spouses everywhere. Unlike in most contemporary romantic military novels, Gabriel is not retired military or about to get out. Instead, Piper and Gabriel meet in the middle of his career and must face all the associated challenges from differing lingo to transient lifestyles. As this book mainly focuses on Piper’s growth, the plot centers on the difficulties she has with abandonment, falling in love, and doing so with someone whose lifestyle is so outside her comfort zone. Between the rest of the cast and the sweet romance itself, this story not only exudes real romance but brings the reader along for a ride that will have them not only wanting more of Piper and Gabriel but more of the series as well!

Sarah E Bradley