Finding Hope


Noah Cooper and his girlfriend, Amanda gave up their daughter for adoption when they weren't more than children themselves. Sixteen years later, Amanda receives a letter from Hope wanting to meet them both. Amanda shares the letter with Noah, giving him the opportunity to choose if he would like to meet Hope. With the help of his family, Noah sets off for Albany, New York to meet his daughter, not knowing all the changes in his life that will take place. Hope’s mom, Beth, a widow and cancer survivor, is nervous about the meeting. Misunderstandings between Beth, Hope, and Noah ensue and battles of wills follow.  Will Hope win out? Will Noah and Beth resolve their differences and unite? 

"Finding Hope" is a story of faith, and how it brings a cowboy and a woman together under the most strenuous of conditions.  This book has a strong plot and  memorable characters: Noah, a kind man with regrets; Beth, a cancer survivor who is lonely; and Hope, the daughter they share. A religious theme runs throughout this story which adds a unique dimension. The writing is well crafted. The country setting — Montana, on a sprawling horse ranch is a visceral pleasure.  With its uplifting message, "Finding Hope" is truly just that.