Dreams in Deadwood (Seven Brides of South Dakota Book 1)


As much as she protested leaving Cutter’s Creek, Montana, Jennie finds herself in a covered wagon on her way to Deadwood, South Dakota with her married sister, Ruby, and their six sisters. Partway there they meet up with Aiden Bradly, who has been walking for days after his horse died. Ruby’s husband, Beau, invites Aiden to join them and suddenly he has changed his course for Deadwood. Aiden is at once taken by Jennie, but she wants no part of men or marriage and she lets Aiden know it. He is persistent and before she knows it, Jennie finds herself attracted to this rugged young man. 


Ms. Trumbo weaves a remarkable tale about a covered wagon trek from Montana to South Dakota. She interlaces details such as bathing in whatever water source they can find and washing their clothing at the same time – both outfits that they own. This novel starts off slow and keeps that pace for the first few chapters. Although there are a total of eight sisters, five sisters are barely mentioned in passing in the tale. Of the four main characters, only Aidan and Jennie have true conflicts. There is great character development in Beau, Ruby, Aidan, and Jennie. The author does a great job with her historical research on Deadwood and adds bits of antiquity into her tale. "Dreams in Deadwood" is a nice start to an ambitious series.

Belinda Wilson