Drawn To You (Taking Chances #3)

Liwen Y.

ASIAN AMERICAN:  Sam Koo can charm her way out of anything, except financial problems. With her art studio in trouble, she’s not sure how much longer she will be able to keep her doors open, and then all her dreams of teaching kids to create will be over. The last person she expects when a cop pulls her over for speeding is Lucas Choi. Lucas never forgot Sam and the way she made him feel in high school, but for the rule-abiding single father, Sam and her impulsive chaos is the last thing he wants in his life. However, Sam certainly needs his help, and maybe if she’s willing to trust him, she might be what he needs as well.


Chaos meets order in this new addition to the contemporary “Taking Chances” series. Sam is all adventure and color, while Lucas provides structure to the duo as a love that never got a start in high school gets a second chance years later. The romance between the two is sweet as the focus on Sam’s studio and Lucas’ daughter. With minor humor to balance the heavier emotions that can be a bit rushed, what this story lacks in complexity and depth, it makes up with real feelings that will make the reader sad that this story is only a novella. This a great light read for any contemporary lover.


Sarah E. Bradley