Down and Out

Marcy G.

When the New York theater she worked for closed its doors, Candace Downs had to trade in her publicist job for working the night shift at her cousin’s towing company back home in Odessa, Texas. When she shows up in heels and a skirt, Josiah knows this prissy woman is never going to cut it. But it doesn’t take long before he finds out there is a lot more spunk behind that pretty face than he imagined. A routine tow puts Candace in the sights of Lucian Robard and when Lucian’s infatuation with her snowballs into a dangerous obsession, Josiah does everything in his power to protect her. 

Author Marcy Dyer creates a disturbing villain by fluidly writing the character in a nearly flawless deep point of view, giving the reader an intimate understanding of the character without the author needing to explain anything. The reader is almost able to understand his demented way of thinking, so well-written is his spiral downward and the slow revelation of his cracking veneer. Had the hero and heroine been written as deep as the villain, the story would have been near perfect and even more intense!  Down and Out is a great blend of thriller and faith, the inspirational element believable and never over-done. The action and suspense keep the pages turning, and the romantic tension is palatable while still remaining sweet. A unique set of characters, an outstanding villain and a compelling, action-filled plot makes Down and Out a fresh and fast-paced read!


Stephenia McGee