The Defender (The Talented #2)


FANTASY:  Zezilia Ilar has been tucked away in the countryside studying and building her powerful magic abilities but events in the kingdom are becoming very dangerous. It is time for Zez to step up and prove that she can be a powerful defender in her own right.  Once her abilities are known, however, she becomes the country’s most dangerous target. 

No sooner than Hadrien assumes the kingdom’s powerful position of Sept Son, the forces against him rise. However, he has no idea the extent or how deeply embedded the rebels have become. When discovering how pervasive the evil is to the kingdom, he calls for the only person that might help him succeed in defending what is right and good - Zezilia.  Together, they must not only fight the forces that threaten to overpower but also their own growing feelings for each other.

In this second installment of the Talented trilogy, the action and excitement rev up to nail-biting levels!  Zezilia’s character has grown into a very powerful force that Hadrian both admires and fears. The chemistry between the two is palatable but also infuriating for the readers; it is hard to believe them oblivious to such obvious feelings.  Hadrian’s character is much more understandable in this story but is still somewhat enigmatic. The plot line, however, is absolutely top-notch!  The twists and turns are riveting and the action is superb!  It is a story that requires the first book to be read in order to fully understand but it is well worth the time and immensely worth the escape! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter