Dawnflight (The Dragon’s Dove Chronicles #1)


HISTORICAL FANTASY:  Gyanhumara is a trained warrior and Chieftainess of her clan. Her people have been warring for years and a recent loss in battle has lead to her betrothal to a noble of her enemy as a stipulation of the peace treaty decreed by Arthur Pendragon. She meets and chooses Urien, the son of a neighboring clan, as the most logical choice, though deep down she feels he may not be the most suitable. She becomes betrothed to him and begins learning his language and culture with the help of a slave. Per the treaty she is also to attend a Breatanaich school for two years before her marriage.  

Gyanhumara, or Guinevere in Breatanaich, meets Arthur Pendragon on the journey to the Breatanaich school she is to attend and falls in love. Arthur fights his feelings for her as he feels marriage to her would not be beneficial.

This is a well-written story of the romance between Arthur and Guinevere through her eyes. The buildup is slow, but is made up for in the rich character development and detailed look at life during this time period. Though this tale has been written and rewritten more times than can be counted, readers will enjoy Guinevere’s point of view and her journey as she navigates life among a new people, new language, and the discovery and acceptance of her new religion, Christianity.

Molly S. Daniels