Daniel Smith-New Zealand Passage

Linda J.

HISTORICAL:  In an account covering many years, Daniel Smith and his wife Rose arrive in New Zealand, escaping the harsh life of Scotland in search of new prospects. Devoted to one another, they set about building a farm and new life in a time of struggle and opportunities. With the help of friends they build their farm and family and discover a few surprises among the people and on their own land along the way. Time passes and Daniel’s tale covers his time in New Zealand on to is journey back to Scotland and sets the stage for the events of the first book.


A fictional historical tale, “Daniel Smith” reads almost like an autobiography covering a long period of time: from Daniel and Rose’s first arrival in New Zealand, to Daniel and his family returning to Scotland and his children marrying and starting their own families. Entire chunks of time are skipped, leaving mostly some highlighted events of both family and historical importance. While interesting to read from a genealogy perspective much of the conflict is toned down or absent from the tale, as is the sorrow. Even historical events are mostly referred to instead of prominent in the tale. An interesting window into the past that any historical fan might find a worthwhile read.


Sarah E. Bradley