Danger on the Loch


SUSPENSE: Paisley Clark, a hopeful photographer, has finally found her father through a DNA test match. Paisley receives a message from him, learning he lives in Scotland and he’s asked her to visit. As Paisley talks with her always distant and unmotherly mother, she hears the truth of her father, which prompts her to take the trip offered and meet her father and his family. Paisley’s childhood friend, James Pressley-Coombes, moves to Scotland to work with his father’s business partner. James finds out that the business partner is Paisley's father, the Duke of Kincross. When Paisley arrives, she finds that she is of noble birth and is thrust into a world she knows nothing about, and tries to navigate her new life with her trusty camera, and James by her side. After Paisley's camera is stolen and broken into bits, they come to realize there is a threat to her father, his company… and her.

Paige Edwards has woven a gripping and riveting multilayered story that grabs one's attention in the first few pages of the book and just doesn’t let go! Readers will find themselves on a rollercoaster that ends in a sigh of contented romance. One will find themselves transported to a far-off place where friendship, love, family, and intrigue are knitted together like a beautiful Scottish Tartan. Quickly turning the pages to solve the mystery behind company espionage and murder, readers will have a hard time putting down this tale down! Ms. Edward has written a dazzling mystery that ends with a perfect ending and a delightful kiss. Unputdownable! 

Heather Kroll