Dalton (Cowboys and Debutantes Contemporary #2)


Hazel’s life is all going according to plan. The problem is, she is not sure it’s HER plan. When her best friend and roommate Jenny ends up in the hospital, she begs Hazel to cover for her escorting a horse to a new ranch to stud. Hazel knows nothing about being a vet or country living. Assured that the trip will be quick, she agrees to go, never expecting that the ranch in South Georgia includes a retired rodeo cowboy whose plans and dreams will inspire her own. Dalton Sullivan doesn’t have time for a city girl hiding secrets. He has a rundown horse ranch to revive and a short time to do it.  Yet the longer Hazel hangs around, the less he likes the idea of going back to solitary living. Can a city girl and country boy find a way to be together or will their dreams keep them far apart?

A light contemporary romance, “Dalton” is the second book in the Cowboys and Debutantes series but can act as a stand-alone tale. Combining mistaken identity with a handful of sexy cowboys, this story features a steady pace, simple plot, and sweet and clean romance. While the plot lacked complexity and was therefore predictable and unoriginal, the main problem is the author's tendency to talk about the conflict points (like Hazel's parents and Dalton's accident) but not "show" them. Still, the romance was enjoyable and perfect for a lazy afternoon. 

Sarah E Bradley