Daisy’s Decision (Dixon Brothers book 4)


Daisy Ruiz has crushed on Ken Dixon since the sixth grade. Ken, one of the Dixon identical triplet brothers, never noticed Daisy’s shy affection. He geared his life for missionary work while Daisy ultimately took over as executive director for her family’s ministry. She also made a mistake, believing her boyfriend would remain loyal to her and the baby they unintentionally created. She’s horrified to learn he had a wife at home, and he promptly dumped her and the baby. When serious and quiet Ken arrives at the ministry, their instant attraction is too much to ignore. When one date turns to two, which then turns into more, Daisy finally has her dream love, but soon her growing secret might destroy their budding romance, along with her heart.

Readers searching for a wholesome, feel-good family series full of faith, love, redemption, promise, and romance can stop right here… the Dixon brothers will deliver! Ken comes across as stoic, but beneath the solemn exterior beats the heart of a generous and thoughtful man. Daisy means well, with her heart in the right place. The fact that the daughter of a youth pastor could even get pregnant without benefit of marriage, with a married man, proves no one is immune to the secular world, and we all make mistakes. Like Daisy, we all must make decisions in the aftermath of those mistakes, and sometimes, it’s hard to trust the ones we care about. The story suffered from areas of mostly telling, and a lack of clear conflict for Ken, slow pacing, and multiple POV within paragraphs. Even so, Daisy’s Decision is raw and honest making this story love at its best!

Emerson Matthews