The Corruption of Mila

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Mila hasn’t had much luck dating, she can’t seem to pick any winners, so her friend Morgan decides to set her up with a guy from her church.  Mila isn’t impressed...why would she want to go out with someone from church?  And on Valentine’s Day?  She doesn’t have anything to lose, though, so agrees to meet Morgan’s friend.  Except Morgan forgot to tell her that the friend is Jax Hamilton, a well-known scion with the company “Gizmo Help”.  This guy could have any girl, so why would he go out on a blind date with Mila?  

Jax is a Christian, and he wants to treat Mila well and show her the respect she deserves.  When he defends Mila from the attack of an old boyfriend, she definitely knows there is more to Jax than meets the eye. 

 J.F. Jenkins does a great job exploring Mila’s thoughts as she tries to figure Jax out, comparing him with the bad boys of her past, trying to figure out why she finds a nerd so attractive.  This book leaves the reader itching to read the next installment in order to find out if Mila can find love with the “other” type of boy.  Given that this is a short story, there isn’t much opportunity to explore Mila’s past and that does become frustrating given it plays such a prominent role. One wishes for more time which these wonderful characters and story deserve. Even so, watching Jax’s defense of Mila’s seals the deal in Mila’s eyes, and shows her Jax’s true heart all while burrowing into ours!

Victoria Z. Burg