A Christmas Wish


Amy McKinsey is living the charmed life.  She is in New York City, working at a great magazine and dating a rich, successful, and altogether perfect man.  With Christmas coming, the prospects of spending the entire holiday with Richie and his family, Amy cannot imagine life going any better.  Just weeks before her dream holiday is set to begin, Amy’s life begins to unravel.  Her former boss and arch nemesis joins her magazine and turn her amazing job upside down.  On top of the work drama, Richie becomes more and more distant as he takes over his family’s business.  Through it all, Amy must decide on what is most important and learn that not everything is what it seems on the surface.

“A Christmas Wish” opens with a fun "meet cute" for the two main characters and draws readers quickly into the story.  Although the relationship between Richie and Amy seems perfect, Ms. Neville adds just enough reality to keep it from becoming sickly sweet.  Unfortunately, Amy’s story line becomes far too self-obsessed and dramatic to be enjoyable. In addition, the repetitive information and constant talk about yoga brings the plot line to a halt.  The final chapters bring a surprising and charming twist and redeem the slow middle portion of the story.  Over all, “A Christmas Wish” is a sweet romantic story with a bit of an edge, making this a good book to grab on a long winter night.

Amy Cefoldo