The Christmas Vow (Hardman Holidays #4)


HISTORICAL:  Adam Guthry avoided his hometown for eleven years, returning only to see his best friend buried. The woman who destroyed his heart is there and he doesn’t want to hear her excuses for her betrayal. Tia Devereux knows she hurt Adam, but doesn’t know how to reach out to him. He’s the only man she’s ever loved. Now that she’s widowed she’s moved back home and Adam is constantly thrown into her path. But when her father-in-law becomes bent on taking her son away from her, Adam may be the only way for her to keep her little boy. But can he forgive her enough to help?


It is hard not to love a second chance romance! Adam and Tia have been together since childhood and it was assumed they would marry. Life rarely goes as planned, however, and Tia breaks Adam’s heart by marrying another. Her reasons for not marrying Adam were shallow, though, and the time they are apart but still carrying a torch for each other felt a bit unrealistic. The author does a great job of weaving in themes of forgiveness and trust without being overly preachy, and the small town of Hardman is easy to imagine. The secondary cast of characters was well-written and memorable, but the reader may be lost at times if they haven’t read the previous books in the series. Adam and Tia’s journey is a sweet romance that will leave the reader closing the book with a smile. 


Kate Campbell