Christmas Star Sapphire (Jewel #3.6)


The Southern shores of Alabama are where Madeline Viscolli transfers so she can complete her Master's degree. She seeks out the campus ministry program and meets Joe, their leader. She is very taken with him but he's not quick to show interest. Their paths cross multiple times, but always at arm's length. Madeline knows Joe lives on his sailboat and is concerned for his safety when a storm is headed their way. She extends hospitality but since he knows her family is from wealth and she's a student he continues to keep his distance. Maddie sees things differently and shows great persistence with her wants in life. Joe and her father's company are top of her list!


“Christmas Star Sapphire” is one part of the Jewel series by Ms. Bridgeman and readers will be pleasantly surprised with where this story goes and how it ends. This romantic tale is deftly written and hits on childhood abuse and walking away from family and its legacy. The hero and heroine are easy to like in this book and readers will love supporting characters as well. The bonus additions after the story concludes are great. There are conversation questions, recipes for meals prepared during the story and many great bible scriptures used to reinforce thoughts and feelings throughout. Some readers may not appreciate the female aggressively going after her dreams (and dream man) but many may see it as a means to a happy end! Kudos Ms. Bridgeman!


Viola Robbins