A Christmas Puppy to Cherish (Cherish Series Book 4)


NOVELLA: Max has taken up temporary residence in the town of Cherish, right before Christmas, before he assumes a new position at a university in Florida. Max cares little for the holiday and has little faith in things happening for a reason. Then he meets Sarah. A lifetime resident of Cherish, Sarah works her green thumb magic in the local garden center and rescues animals who need a home. When a fellow towns-lady suggests Sarah as a guide for Max to look for local birds, Max is instantly drawn to her—and the feeling is mutual. Sarah tries to keep her heart out of the equation because she knows Max is planning on leaving, but what happens when Christmas miracles and her faith in God show her that something she never imagined having for herself was God’s plan for her all along…

If one is looking for a sweet, Christian story, Josie Riviera is a go-to. Max is a conflicted, lonely man who has been let down and forgotten far too often throughout his life, making the reader feel for him and wanting to hug him. Sarah is a faithful girl, trying to be her best self and take care of everyone that she can. The puppy mentioned in the title almost feels like an afterthought as the story revolves around Max and Sarah’s relationship, and not the puppy. The short length means things aren’t really discussed or developed in any real depth, but everything is tied up in a pretty bow by the end. The sweet and innocent chemistry between the protagonists will make the reader smile. A feel-good story from beginning to end!

Piper Valentine