Christmas Pact

Saundra Staats

CHRISTIAN:  Carrie Emeline found love during wartime. Years later, her marriage is falling apart and she is no longer certain what to do. Haunted by nightmares her husband Marcus has turned to drink and violence, instead of facing the ghosts left over from the war. When Carrie’s son becomes a victim of one of Marcus’ rages, Carrie has to decide whether she has it in her to forgive or if it’s time to call it quits. Marcus is losing his family, and when Carrie takes the kids and leaves he is forced to make a decision. Will he face his past and look into the Christian beliefs he has always avoided, or continue on his current path?


A contemporary Christian romance, “Christmas Pact” is the fourth in the “Christmas Hotel” series. The story is told by switching between current events and flashbacks of the past - which can be highly confusing for the first third of the book, as Carrie’s initial love is not the same as her current husband. However, the romance is well balanced with a journey of faith and forgiveness which fills the second half of the story. Carrie Emeline and Marcus are interesting characters that, while lacking depth, do provide a complicated relationship, which makes a fun read with a bit of Christmas flair thrown in. Ms. McLemore has penned a nice read for the holiday season.


Sarah E. Bradley