Christmas for Lucy

Saundra Staats

Lucy Clark is alone and abandoned.   Her eighth birthday brings nothing but misery: her mother has died and her aunt and uncle have put her out, leaving her with nowhere to go.  She is kept company by a stray dog named Bullet, who keeps her warm until she is a good samaritan. Delivered to the Wright family, who own the Christmas Hotel, she is pleased to have been shown such kindness. When her aunt and uncle discover it may be profitable to keep Lucy they force her to return to them.  With her best interests at heart, the Wrights try to have her relocated to an orphanage.  In the meantime they discover more about Lucy then they ever dared imagine. Their own hearts have begun to heal, knowing God works in mysterious ways. 


With this young girl's heartbreaking situation, the reader instantly feels sympathy and hope for her happiness. Saundra Staats McLemore uses wonderful descriptions that deliver a sense of family while connecting with the Christmas spirit. There are many emotional highs and lows as the author deals with child abuse, death and a very strong Christian tone. Its teachings are discussed in great depth at a mostly comfortable level for those non-religious readers, however at times it becomes a bit repetitive. Some character information tends to sidetrack the reader from the main story line but overall "Christmas for Lucy" is a lovely read reinforcing the Christmas message.


Lauren Taylor