Christmas Love and Mercy (Christmas Hotel Book 5)

Saundra Staats

CHRISTIAN:  Chris Wright and Lori Ann Stanley’s love connection is a lifetime in the making. Chris, at thirty-two, had longed for a wife to share his life with, but he’s initially intimidated by the age difference between him and the nineteen-year-old Lori Ann. A chance meeting as adults orchestrated by their dogs draws them together.  Their short courtship leads to commitment and love, but when turmoil enters their lives can Chris hang onto his faith and trust God with all he can’t bear to lose?

“Christmas Love and Mercy” is a Christian contemporary romance full of themes of faith, family and love.  Scripture verses at the beginning of the chapters set the tone for each chapter with plenty of impact on the reader, especially Christian believers.  This novel deals with real, painful issues that readers will find impactful.  One short-coming is that this book won’t be relevant to some readers:  the old-fashioned, small town, unilaterally Christian values might appear hokey to sophisticated readers, even though the book is set in 1988.  Additionally, the novel feels long-winded with scenes that are nice snapshots of family life, but aren’t strictly necessary to the progression of the narrative.  The writing is good, and doesn’t get preachy. However, the lack of nonbelievers and people of different cultures and diversities diminishes its authenticity, potentially alienating some readers who can’t identify with the lifestyles of the characters.  Its target audience, readers looking for a heartwarming, straightforward Christian-themed Christmas romance will appreciate “Christmas Love and Mercy”.

Danielle Hill