Christmas Kisses: An Echo Ridge Christmas Anthology

Lucy McConnell, Cami Cheketts,
Heather Tullis, Rachael Christensen, Connie E. Sokol

The Echo Ridge Anthology is a compilation of short stories involving the men and women living in Echo Ridge. The pivotal point in each story is not only the town but also Kenworth’s Department Store, with which most of the romances have a connection. From Reece and Andy in “The Candy Counter Heiress”, to Chelsea and Drew in “Christmas Makeover”. From Anika and Carlos in “Hope for Christmas” to Keira and Tayton in “Soda Fountain Christmas”, ending with Jonah and Kaya’s story in “One Winter Night”. All these stories will warm any reader's heart.


The stories are all very well written. The tension that builds up leading to the conclusion is gradual, much like listening to the first part of the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Sonatina Pathetique. It is sweet. An easy read, yet there is conflict which the main characters have to resolve if they want a happily-ever-after to happen. There is a formula in the writing in that things begin on an even keel before something happens – a misunderstanding in the case of these stories – to drive the story forward. The authors have also been able to give the reader a vivid picture of Echo Ridge – from the sights and smells of the town to the freezing cold of winter juxtaposed with the warmth coming from the hearts of Echo Ridge’s people. Readers will not have any difficulty investing in the stories that are perfect reads as they sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.


M.P. Ceja