The Christmas Kiss


HISTORICAL: Gracy Randall arrives home after 6 years of being away. To her surprise, her parents have not only moved out of the family ranch, but they have also sold it! Gracy’s dismay overwhelms her good nature, leaving the new owner, Cord, and his son, bewildered by her rude behavior. Gracy realizes the errors of her ways and quickly apologizes, knowing she was raised better. Determined to keep busy now that she is back home, Gracy cannot settle on work that suits her. Eventually, Cord helps her out, and as fate would have it, becomes her friend. Time allows Gracy to grow more comfortable around Cord, not realizing that by helping him, he may be the answer to her prayers.

Shanna Hatfield’s “The Christmas Kiss” is a sweet romance set in 1909. Gracy Randall enters the story and sets the pace nicely with good momentum. Gracy almost borders on too perfect, and readers may wonder how she’s remained single for so long since, especially in this era, when young women married young. Cord is well-written as a good father, which begs the question, how can he be attracted so quickly to a woman who berated his son? However, Cord’s consideration of his late wife gives the strong cowboy the soft touch Gracy’s character needs. As the story evolves, believability stirs emotions in the right places, making “The Christmas Kiss” a heartwarming read.

Moira Wolf