Challenging Miss Valentine

Cindy K.

Ella Valentine lost her other half when her twin brother passed away while they were in college. When she lost him she also lost herself. A few years later, she’s moved to the city and is working for a big corporation as a secretary. At a friend's urging she makes the effort to emerge from her shell - with somewhat disastrous results when she unknowingly hits on her new boss! Charlie has no interest in the accounting portion of his father’s company after having spent the last several years in marketing, but with someone embezzling money from the company his father has called him in to hunt down the culprit. He sees meeting up with the pretty lady who flirted with him at a diner days before as God-sent. Unfortunately, not everyone approves of Charlie and Ella teaming up to catch the embezzler, and it will take more than a little faith to discover what God’s plans are for them both.


A sweet Christian romance, “Challenging Miss Valentine” has a minor mystery subplot. Both Charlie and Ella are hurting for different reasons, but the attraction between them keeps bringing them together to heal their hurts. Despite the minimal passion, and shallow plot, there are plenty of Christian themes and morals to attract some readers. Meanwhile most of the action and conflict is resolved off screen, making much of it told instead of shown, but giving it enough momentum combined with a quick pace to make this a good quick read for any lover of contemporary Christian romance.


Sarah E. Bradley