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HISTORICAL:  Ruth MacDonald has suffered a great deal during the past two years of her life. Her family ranch was attacked by Comanches, resulting in the destruction of her childhood home, the death of her family, and her captivity. Forced to live as one of them, she eventually finds herself pregnant. Then the raid from the U.S.

Love on a Limb

Matthew Grayken is young, successful, and dying. He isn’t interested in love. He needs a legal voice to enforce his wishes when he no longer can. Lonely, compassionate nurse Mikaela Compton is intrigued by his request. As their “friends only” marriage turns into love, she rejects the inevitability of Matt’s death and prays for a miracle instead.

Second Chance Kisses- Echo Ridge Anthology #4
Lucy McConnell, Janette Rallison, Heather Tullis,
Cami Checketts, Rachelle J Christensen

Do you recall your first love? Have you wondered what would happen if you had another chance to mend a broken heart or find the love you lost? Come to Echo Ridge in this best-selling author collection of clean novellas and find out.

Cora Anderson (also known as Jade) is an Olympic volleyball player who takes part in a phone company's marketing project, promoting their new phones. She has to pretend to be in a relationship with star hockey player Davis Elliot, who is hoping to get on the Olympic team. They get off to a rocky start. She assumes things about him even before she gets to know him.

Silver Screen Kisses: An Echo Ridge Anthology
Janette Rallison, Heather Tullis, Rachelle J. Christensen,
Cami Checketts, Lucy McConnell

Lacey Johnson dreams of a restaurant of her own, but she talks and dresses like a hick. No one takes her seriously, until Garrett Halifax comes on the scene and makes a lady of Lacey. Maria wants to meet a nice man, and has been corresponding with one on a dating site. She wants to meet him, but a friend also shows interest and she likes him back.