Reviews - Inspirational

Bev Miller is shocked to learn she has won two seats on Galactic Enterprises’ inaugural space tourism flight. Her best friend and boss, Katie, put her in the drawing for the trip and is excited when Bev wins. Bev takes Katie on the adventure with her. While going through the training prior to the flight, Bev meets 54-year old Charles Michael.

Beyond Forever

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Thirty-three year old Lily Fincher is dying of uterine cancer, and she has only hours left to live. From her bed Lily recounts every moment of what she’s going through during her final hours of life.

Brylee Barton has only one goal: win the barrel racing world championship, in the hopes that the prize money will help save her family farm. What she doesn’t want is a second chance at romance with the cowboy who broke her heart years ago. When an injury from a riding accident leaves her at his mercy, Brylee has no choice but to swallow her pride, even as she vows to lock her heart away.

A Christmas Wish

Amy McKinsey is living the charmed life.  She is in New York City, working at a great magazine and dating a rich, successful, and altogether perfect man.  With Christmas coming, the prospects of spending the entire holiday with Richie and his family, Amy cannot imagine life going any better.  Just weeks before her dream holiday is set to begin, Amy’s life begins to unravel.  Her former boss and

Billionaire Chris Everett is lost in grief after tragically losing his wife and unborn child years ago — Christmas. Now he is going home to Montana for the holidays and needs a pretend girlfriend to keep his well-intending family at bay. Kate Grant is a starving artist who moonlights by delivering singing-grams.