A Carol For Kent


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Carol Mabry lost her heart in college but the boy she loved had bigger plans so she let him go...even though she carried his child.  At the request of his parents, she never told anyone and allowed his fame to rise while she worked her way to becoming a successful attorney and raise her beloved daughter.  


Bobby Kent is the most sought-after country singer alive, but after years of exhausting work he is ready to go home for awhile.  He arrives at his parents' home right as a child’s birthday party is about to get underway - his child’s!   Hurt and angry beyond words that no one ever allowed him to know this beautiful daughter, Bobby decides it’s about time he learned.  But time is not something they may have, as Carol’s job turns deadly and a serial killer sets his sights on her.  


The bones of this story are great, the situations heartfelt and the growth believable.  It is in the small stuff that it struggles.  Many, many threads are left dangling or are introduced but never pursued, leaving constant questions throughout. Nor does one ever actually find the depth of feeling needed to believe things such as Bobby’s profession of love. The reader is merely told, not shown.  Other oddities such as Carol refusing to leave and Bobby refusing to stay when danger is eminent, ropes that shake off, victims who walk away and make tea etc., leave readers scratching their heads.  Still the sweetness of the story, the engaging characters and the faith-inspired journey are a reason to take that leap and enjoy the ride.


Ruth Lynn Ritter