Capturing Christmas (Rodeo Romance 3)


Celia “Seal” McGraw is a professional photographer. Her specialty is catching action shots of bull and bronco riding at rodeos, among other things. When a herd of stock horses nearly tramples her behind the scenes, she’s swooped up into the arms of their owner, Kash Kressley. Fiery, redheaded Celia is immediately attracted to the handsome, reserved stock contractor/gentleman cowboy. His identical twin brother, Ransom, is altogether another story. Between rodeo business and cleaning up messes after Ransom, Kash can barely find a moment to himself, much less the time to woo Celia. Will her old truck and a brutal winter storm accomplish what the two of them can’t seem to manage?


“Capturing Christmas” is a fabulously entertaining read that’s hard to put down once one starts. There were some flaws in this unique story: minor typos, head hopping, and point of view shifts that proved slightly confusing. Most of the story’s conflict was due to silly misunderstandings on Celia’s part that some readers may find annoying and tiresome. One incident when she couldn’t be wakened pushed the limits of plausibility. Other than that, the writing was sharp, and the dialogue crisp and engaging. The entire scene at the ranch was superbly crafted and enjoyable. The author did an impressive job of showing the sexual draw between the main characters while somehow managing to keep it sweet and somewhat wholesome—something not easily attained in the world of romance. Great job, Ms. Hatfield!

Lori Leger