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Billionaire Chris Everett is lost in grief after tragically losing his wife and unborn child years ago — Christmas. Now he is going home to Montana for the holidays and needs a pretend girlfriend to keep his well-intending family at bay. Kate Grant is a starving artist who moonlights by delivering singing-grams.

Unmistakably Yours

HISTORICAL:  Years after losing her fiancé in a tragic accident, Miss Jane Vancoller has built herself a nice – if somewhat uneventful – life for herself in the small town of Mountain Home, Colorado. Her life changes when her desire to expand her Tea Room interferes with her handsome, widower neighbor’s plans to grow his general store. 

Stephanie Caldwell just made the biggest mistake of her life – she fell in love with her boss, blind billionaire Branson Knight. When Bran announces his engagement to a heartless and conniving heiress, Stephanie is heartbroken.

HISTORICAL:  In the middle of World War II, Billie Brighton’s focus is on helping nurse soldiers back to health.

It has long been Laurie Fields’ dream to work with and for children with disabilities and illnesses like Cystic Fibrosis. Unfortunately, achieving her dream and working for Limitless puts her in the path of Finn Anderson, the one man who seems to lure her in and wind her up at the same time.