Breaking Promises (Children of the Light Book #2)

Donna Hechler

HISTORICAL:  It’s never a wise decision to take a woman into the backcountry. But leaving Annie behind with the likes of his no-good cousin probably equaled the danger of real wolves and savages. No matter how David felt about her, he couldn’t leave her to that kind of fate. If either prospect presented a dangerous environment, then she’d be better off with him. Wouldn’t she?

Annie needed to see her twin sister. The dreams of her sister in danger plagued her, forcing her to put herself in the very place she’d worked so hard to avoid at all costs—alone with David. Surely the forbidden attraction they’d felt as teenagers had subsided by now. She was an independent woman now, able to take care of herself. So why was he the only one who could calm her fears and quell her nightmares?

“Breaking Promises” calls to mind the old cinematic epics. Dramatic landscapes, harrowing battle scenes, and impassioned forbidden love painted in wide brushstrokes across a big screen. Ms. Porter delivers high tension, heart-wrenching sorrow, and larger-than-life action. A more formal narrative may compliment her use of good English. While reading the text, it seemed to slide around, slipping from casual to formal, creating too much movement. This was a minor issue compared to the cliffhanger. Series are a difficult animal; readers understand. But they want some kind of closure. Continue the tale of the family, but possibly give them closure by finishing the romance. Despite this, “Breaking Promises” still delivers a sweeping drama in stellar style!


Sofia St. Angeles