Borrowing a Billionaire: A Sweet Small-Town Romance (Borrowing Amor Book 4)


Bev Miller is shocked to learn she has won two seats on Galactic Enterprises’ inaugural space tourism flight. Her best friend and boss, Katie, put her in the drawing for the trip and is excited when Bev wins. Bev takes Katie on the adventure with her. While going through the training prior to the flight, Bev meets 54-year old Charles Michael. There is an instant attraction between the two and coincidentally, they are paired up for much of the training. Bev is painfully aware that all the other people training for this flight have paid a quarter of a million dollars for their seat and feels guilty that she’s getting to go for free. Little does she know that the man who is wooing her is one of the richest men on the planet.

“Borrowing a Billionaire” is a sweet, standalone story in a series about Amor, New Mexico. All minor characters in this story share equal time and are well-written and have depth as well as back stories. It is refreshing to see a romance with an older couple as Bev and Charles’ relationship blooms. Bev’s past is hinted at; it would be more effective if more is revealed to show the dichotomy between her and the billionaire. Only Bev seems to have any real conflict – she’s paranoid about Charles learning about her past. Charles just wants to postpone revealing that he is a billionaire. The climax of this story is weak. Bev and Charles are an enchanting couple, hopefully they will appear again in the series. Ms. Bellemore writes an upbeat, light romance that leaves the reader feeling satisfied.

Belinda Wilson