Bogota Blessings


Kayla Shaw is a volunteer helping to restore an old home at a mission in Bogota, Columbia. She never dallies in romantic flings and always gets her work done, until she meets the very scary looking Mateo Luis Gomez Dias. Mateo can't change his past or the scars it has left on his body, but the the day that the rebel leader left him for dead saved his life. That was his past and God is forgiving. But when his goal of saving street children, mostly orphans, from a life he is all too familiar with is set at odds with falling in love he must trust in the path God will lead him down.


In "Bogota Blessings", author E.A. West takes the reader across borders to the less glamorous and often dangerous city of Bogota, showing the reader both its beauty and its less attractive and abject poverty. Both feel real in this tale. The violence of the area is brought to life without showing the graphic ugliness. The author builds common bonds for Kayla and Mateo while still rewarding the reader with that zing at their first meeting - the twist is that it’s a very different one than the romance reader expects! There are some misspelled and/or missing words and occasional repetition but not enough to really irritate. This novel contains a nice melding of cultures by combining both the mainstream American citizen and a Columbian. Overall, a well-done romance and an inspiring read!


Shaunna Gonzales