Bobbins and Boots (Baker City Brides #4)


HISTORICAL:  Allie Tillman makes the difficult decision to her family and hard-scrabble life and applies to be a mail-order bride out  West.  When she arrives in Baker City she finds out her intended is nothing but a scoundrel, but fate intervenes in the form of Ben Amick — who has done nothing more daring than bringing the buckboard to town to run some errands for his boss. This mundane decision changes his life forever when he saves Allie from her fiancé by marrying her himself. They arrive at the cabin on his boss' property, each wondering what they have done in marrying a stranger.  Allie is determined to make this life the best she can, as it is far better than the home she left.  Ben is determined to protect her and take care of her, for something about Allie calls to something in him.

 Allie and Ben’s story is an endearing clean historical romance.  At first Allie seems merely adventurous — coming all the way out West as a mail order bride — but the reader discovers she is a woman with true determination to make a better life for herself.  The amazing story of her life before Ben unfolds throughout the novel, bringing a depth to her character and a compelling twist to the story. Ms. Hatfield tells a story with a true sense of how hard life can be, yet that love can see one through.  She shows many kinds of love in life: that of family, friends, children, and the passionate love for one's mate.  A truly excellent read! 

 Laura Dinsdale