Blown Together (Southern Hearts #4)

Janet W.

Sam Conrad’s controlling father is trying to push him too far this time. When one of his clients offers Sam the opportunity to spend time being mentored by her father, giving him space to make decisions about his future, he jumps at the chance.  He doesn’t bank on meeting Cassie’s crotchety sister, Elinor Bosarge, though.  Having been badly hurt by her father’s last protégé, Elinor is angry to find Sam at her parents’ house and in her face at every turn.  But, could it be that as they get to know each other, and Sam has a chance to discover his mentor’s faith, the two of them find that they’re glad they’ve been thrown together?


Readers looking for a clean feel-good romance with plenty of story will enjoy this one! Although both Sam and Elinor are a bit prickly at first, they do grow on one, and for female readers who love a true hero – look no further than Sam!  The plot is put together well and delves into many different areas of life including family relationships, mental and physical illness, as well as betrayal and loss.  Although the book is billed as inspirational, the faith content is fairly minimal, which some may find disappointing.  However, the story is quite eventful with moments of humor, as well as at least one occasion where readers might want tissues handy.  This romantic and adventurous journey to the Gulf area of the American South comes highly recommended.


Heather Belleguelle