Blind Acceptance


Luke Johnson loves his Texas ranch. It’s a family tradition that he wants to pass down to his son, Phillip, and has since the day he was born. Luke had always hoped his wife would warm to the ranch but she never did - she longed for the city and eventually took a lover. When she decides to escape the ranch life and flee to the city with Phillip, they’re in a terrible accident that claims her life and Phillip’s sight. 

Luke is devastated by the loss of Phillip’s sight. For him, it’s just short of a death sentence. All of his dreams for his son and his ranch are shattered—until  he’s presented with Rachel Grey. Is she the answer to unlocking a life for his son and, just as importantly, can she heal his hardened heart?

“Blind Acceptance” is a tender story of devotion, family love and the determination to persevere. The father/son relationship is particularly heart-warming and the love story between Luke and Rachel is sweet. Horsnell’s characters and her settings create a homey environment that invites one to snuggle in and feel part of the family. With the perseverance presented in “Blind Acceptance”, one could easily be inspired to re-examine their own struggles and find new strength and determination to soldier on.

Sofia St. Angeles