The Black Rose (Empire in Pine Book Three)


HISTORICAL:  Twins Jesilyn and Corrianne Beaumont are as similar in appearance as they are in personality.  Unfortunately,  they are both in love with Clay Dalton. Clay is courting Cori but Jesi is determined to win him for herself. He easily gets them confused and Jesi uses this to her advantage.  When her trickery lands her in hot water, she runs away to a small Wisconsin logging town. Ashamed and broke, she learns a hard lesson in life.  

Paul Winter, a preacher who discovers that the Lord truly works in mysterious ways, meets Jesi in a most unlikely situation and finds his heart begins to lead him. Cori is left to pick up the pieces and is unsure if her heart will ever mend.


Jesilyn is a very jealous and shallow character who plots her way into getting what she wants.  As the story progresses she begins to show a softer side. Even though she carries a lot of self-loathing, she learns to open her heart. Cori, at first seems carefree and happy, but then turns in the opposite direction becoming bitter and doubtful. She takes a much longer road to reach happiness than does her sister.  The strong spiritual tone in this story guides the narrative and plays a very substantial role. With two robust females and surprising events, this story will keep the reader attentive!


Margaret Faria